It is always best and most efficient to call your pharmacist first for any refill requests of current medications. Be sure to provide the pharmacy with your prescription number located on the container. Even if you have no refills left, always encourage your pharmacist to send us a request for a refill. It really is the most efficient method of refilling prescriptions.

Fotolia_3376749_M Your pharmacist will contact our office if the refill requires provider’s approval. You should request a refill at least 3 days before the medication runs out for a local pharmacy, and at least 14 days for a mail-order pharmacy. Please allow our office 2 business days for our staff to respond to refill requests. Routine prescriptions and controlled substances such as pain medications will not be filled after office hours or on weekends or holidays.

To save time for the patients driving to the pharmacy after an office visit, we operate a dispensing pharmacy on-site where we have an inventory of 15 to 16 of the most common prescription medications available for purchase. The process is simple and efficient — your provider prescribes the new medication electronically, the prescription medication is dispensed by our front office staff, and then payment is collected at the time of service (our medication price list ranges from $10 to $15 at this time). We are happy to give you a receipt to turn into your health insurance or HSA for reimbursement.

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