Family Wellness Center to Join Legacy Medical Group in April of 2018

Family Wellness Center to Join Legacy Medical Group in April of 2018 after 23 years as an independent, locally owned medical clinic.  This will be effective April 15, 2018.

Legacy Medical Group is part of locally owned, Legacy Health which includes Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, WA.  We believe partnering with Legacy will allow us to provide the highest level of care to our patients, provide access to hundreds of Legacy Health specialists and at the same time retain the small clinic atmosphere and personal touch that is the hallmark of Family Wellness Center.

We encourage you to contact your health insurance company to ask them whether or not Legacy Medical Group or Legacy Health is a preferred provider or “in-network” for your specific insurance plan.  This will minimize any potential disruption to your ongoing care or unforeseen financial impact.

Family Wellness Center will continue to accept new patients through April 13, 2018, the last day of operation of the clinic as Family Wellness Center. Patients seen at Family Wellness Center beginning April 15, 2018 will be patients of Legacy Medical Group-Family Wellness, the new name of the clinic.  The clinic location, street address and telephone numbers will remain the same.

We believe all of our patients will be well-served now and in the future with the resources available to our patients as a result of being part of Legacy Health.

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